Product Review: Muscle Milk n’ Oats

As many people already know, Cytosport has created a great tasting protein called muscle milk.  Muscle Milk is one of the best selling proteins on the market and Cytosport has created a new product that is unique from the rest of the supplements on the market today.  This product is Muscle Milk n’ Oats.  This supplement is basically a small cup of oatmeal that can be heated in a minute with some water.  I like to refer to this product as oatmeal on juice.


  1. Easy to carry if you are traveling and do not have time to cook a meal.  Muscle Milk’s oatmeal comes in a small container that allows you to carry it with you when you travel.
  2. Is a great way to replace a meal as it contains the right amount of macronutrients.  It contains 30 grams of protein, only 6 grams of fats (trans fat free), and 34 grams of complex carbohydrates. Only 4 grams of carbs comes from sugars.
  3. Comes in three great tasting flavors which are vanilla bean, breakfast cocoa and maple & brown sugars.
  4. Great way to add variety into your diet.
  5. Muscle Milk n’ Oats can be ready to eat in as little as 1 minute of heating in the microwave.


  1. You must have water and a microwave in order to heat this product up and make it taste good.
  2. If too much water is placed in the cup it could cause the oatmeal to lose its taste.
  3. If not enough water is placed in the cup, it will cause the oatmeal to be too clumpy and therefore not be edible.
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