NO X Plode: Does This Supplement Help Build Muscle and Burn Fat?


One of the most popular pre-workout supplements known to the bodybuilding industry still to this day is NO Xplode.  NO Xplode was one of the first pre-workout energy drinks that included everything needed to get a good pump in while weight lifting.  If taken properly, it will allow you to train harder and with more intensity.

What makes this product so effective is it has a great blend of just the right ingredients to help you get a better workout.  Instead of sticking with a high dosage of just creatine with some caffeine, NO Xplode gives you an L-arginine (Alpha Keto Glutarate) to allow your body to get better pumps in the gym.  Now, I do not know too many bodybuilders that are not seeking a good pump in the gym.


  • Easy to carry with you in or store a serving size in a shaker bottle while you are on the go.
  • Contains L-Arginine for enhanced vascularity and pumps in the gym.  This will allow you to have better workouts.
  • Contains a blend of creatines including di-malate and ethyl ester to help increase muscle size and strength.  For more on creatine and how it helps bodybuilders.
  • Contains Caffeine to enhance alertness and energy while weightlifting.
  • Contains L-Tyrosine and Vinpocentine for better alertness and mental acuity.
  • Has 25 calories and 6 grams of carbohydrates per serving


  • You may experience a bit of a crash after your workout and a lack of energy.  This depends on the person.
  • You cannot take this product all the time while weight lifting.  You need to cycle off of it every 6-12 weeks.
  • Can only be taken before a workout and not after.


Guides Review:

NO-Xplode was the first pre-workout product I tried and boy did I like it.  I immediately noticed a pump due to the effects of the arginine and increased size as a result of the creatine blend. After using a bottle I was happy with the results I got from the product but the one thing I did not like from the product was the crash effect after my workout.  I tended to feel a bit lethargic and lacked energy.  One thing I suggest people who take this product consider is to not increase the recommended dosage as you can feel a bit jittery form the caffeine but this should not be an issue if you take half of the recommended dosage to start off with.  If you get a great workout with half of the dosage, then you can increase it to the daily dosage the product tells you to take in.  I only take this product on the days that I weight train for maximum effects and results.

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