When First Starting to Exercise, Is It Best to Workout Every Day or Every Other Day?

Weight Lifting When First Starting Out

Question: I’m just starting to exercise and making it a habit. I would like to know is it best to work out everyday or every other day? I do chest, arms, and abs exercises. Lately I have been exercising in the morning & at night and my upper body is really soar.

Answer: It is best to workout 4 to 5 times a week when starting to exercise.  I would suggest weight training Monday through Friday and only exercising each muscle group once a week (except for abs which can be performed more than once a week).  The best time to work out is in the morning as your body’s natural testosterone production is elevated.

Another thing worth mentioning is to not weight train for longer than 45 minutes a day as your body will begin to turn catabolic which is an unfavorable condition where your body stores fat and eats muscle tissue!  I do not know anyone who works out that likes to lose muscle and store fat.  In addition, make sure that your cardio exercises are performed after your weight training session as you will have used up your muscle glycogen (stored carbohydrates) for energy while  performing the weight training exercises and when you go to do your cardio, it will be much easier to burn fat!

Glutalean Helps to Recover From a Workout

Being that you are just starting out, it goes without question that you will become sore as your body is not used to these types of movements.  Realize that when you are working out, you are damaging your muscle fibers, NOT building them up.  So you need to rebuild and repair them!  Some great ways to do this are getting a good night’s sleep, consuming 1 gram of protein per pound and taking a recovery supplement like L-Glutamine or BCAA’s.

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