What Are The Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals and Can They Help Me Lose Weight?

Multi Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are 2 of the 6 nutrients that are needed for the body to survive.  A common misconception about the importance of vitamins and minerals is that they provide energy.  However, they can help the body obtain energy from carbs, fats and protein.  Before I get into whether or not vitamins and minerals can help you with weight loss, I would first like to explain a little bit more of the benefits of vitamins and minerals and discuss some of the different types.

The Importance and Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals

One important thing to take note of is how vitamins and minerals assist in all body processes due to the fact that they act as regulators.  They assist in digesting foods, growing new body tissue, getting rid of waste in the body, and just about any other bodily function.

Now that I have discussed some of the benefits of vitamins and minerals, I will now give you the two types of vitamins and tell you what the benefits of consuming them are.

Water Soluble v.s. Fat Soluble Vitamins

Water Soluble Vitamins consist of B vitamins and vitamin C.  These vitamins are absorbed directly into the blood stream and are not stored to any great extent in the body.  If an excessive amount of water soluble vitamins is taken, they will simply be excreted via urine.  These vitamins are not considered to be toxic due to the fact that they are not stored in the body so you do not have to worry about taking too much of these vitamins which is contrary to fat soluble vitamins.

Fat Soluble Vitamins

Fat Soluble Vitamins consist of Vitamins A, D, E, and K.  You can find these vitamins naturally in the fats and oils of foods.  Once they are absorbed in the body, they get stored in the liver and fatty tissue until the body needs them.  So these vitamins are not readily secreted like the water soluble vitamins.  The body does not require that you consume fat soluble vitamins on a daily basis as they get stored and used on an as needed basis.

If too much is consumed (as in really high amounts) then they can build up and become toxic to the body because they are not excreted but stored in the liver and fatty tissue.  A deficiency of these vitamins is unlikely to occur unless one’s diet lacks the consumption of foods that contain fats in them for long periods of time.

The Benefits of Minerals

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, minerals such as Calcium can promote healthy and strong bones which can prevent things such as osteoporosis from forming in the later stages of life.  Phosphorous and Magnesium help with cellular functions that allow for energy to be utilized.  Sodium is another mineral that can help with the body’s fluid and electrolyte system.  This is important as without the right fluid in the body, it will be difficult to achieve your fitness goals.

These are just some of the benefits minerals can help you with but my goal is to give you a basic overview and understanding of how they can benefit the body.  So now that I have discussed the roles of vitamins and minerals in the body, I will now explain why they are needed for weight loss!

Multi Vitamin and Minerals Can Help You Stay Fit

Can Vitamins Help You Lose Weight?

Vitamins and minerals are an absolute must if you expect to achieve your weight loss goals!  First and foremost, they aid in the digestion of foods you consume which means if you were to not obtain them, the body would not be able to function properly in burning fat and losing weight. In addition to this, the body would not be able to have enough energy to perform the workouts or cardio activity that is required for weight loss due to the fact that the vitamins and minerals are the regulators of this process.  Can you imagine……no energy and working out?  That sure sounds like no fun to me!

So to answer the question, vitamins and minerals will help you lose weight as again, they are 2 of the 6 required nutrients needed for survival.

Should I Take A Vitamin and Mineral Supplement?

Yes, you should take a vitamin and mineral supplement!  Unless you are absolutely, positively 100% accurate in following your diet, then they are needed.  There has been much debate as to whether or not you truly need them via supplements, but my rule of thumb is to take one serving size a day to ensure yourself that you are getting the vitamin and mineral nutrients that are needed for all of the benefits they provide as mentioned above.

Recommended Brands

The brand that I like to use is Nature’s Way Alive Vitamins and Minerals as an overall vitamin and mineral supplement to take once a day.  It is easy to take and has helped me stay healthy throughout the years.

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