Weight Training Routines: What Determines If You Are Following A Good Weight Training Routine and Why Is One Needed for Weight Loss?

Weight Training Helps You Stay In Shape

A weight training program is an excellent way to lose fat and build muscle.  What many people do not know is the simple fact of research proving that following a weight training program can increase your metabolism permanently and help you BURN FAT 3 TIMES FASTER than without weight training!

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The purpose of this article is to explain what constitutes a good weight training program and give you some guidelines to follow.  So now that you know why weight training is important to losing fat and have signed up for my free report, I will now give you the characteristics that determine whether or not your weight training routine is good or not!

You Should Only Workout For 45-60 Minutes

Weight Training Program Guideline #1: Do not Weight Train Longer Than 45 Minutes

One of the common myths regarding a weight training program is that you need to exercise 3 hours a day to see results.  This is one of the worst weight training tips I have ever heard and it is false.  The truth is that once you begin to exercise for longer than 45 minutes, your body will soon begin to turn catabolic.  This is an unfavorable stage where your body does the exact opposite of what you are attempting to do by storing body fat and eating away lean muscle tissue.

Weight Training Program Guideline #2: Rest 60-90 Seconds in Between Sets

Always make sure to rest 60-90 seconds in between sets.  This ensures that you are giving your body enough rest to not pull a muscle or risk injury.  Also, by resting for this period of time you will be enhancing your cardiovascular health!

Weight Training Program Guideline #3: Perform No More than 10-15 Repetitions for Each Set

Unless prescribed otherwise, it is best to keep your repetitions from 10-15 reps.  There really is no need to go lower than 10 as you would be leaning more towards power lifting instead of achieving overall health and fat loss!

Weight Training Program Guideline #4: Constantly Change Your Weight Training Routines

Probably the most overlooked and underrated aspect of following a good exercise and weight training program is changing things up and adding a variety to your routine.  Many people think that you can simply perform the same workouts over and over to get results but the truth is that changing things up every 4 weeks is key!  By doing this, your body will constantly be guessing as it is not used to the movements of each exercise which means maximum results from your weight training efforts!

Weight Training Program Guideline: #5: Always Use Perfect Form

This is an absolute must if you are ever going to lean out and get the body of your dreams.  More often than not, people tend to cheat with their exercise routines by doing things such as bending their backs while performing dumbbell presses or standing biceps curls.  This will not only slow your progress down but can also lead to injury.  So make sure to practice perfect form as I show in details with the fat extinction exercise video database.

Weight Training Should Be Done No More Than 5 Days A Week

Weight Training Program Guideline #6: Do Not Train For More Than 5 Days a Week

As I have stated time and time again, sometimes doing more is not better.  One of the most important tips to follow while performing a weight training program is to get enough rest.

Do not try and exercise 45 minutes a day for 7 days a week.  Your body will not recover and give you the nice lean physique that you deserve from weight training if you do not allow it to get the right amount of rest.

So now that you know what determines whether you are following a good weight training program (whether it is for muscle building or weight loss), always remember these rules prescribed above and you should be well on your way to seeing the results you have always wanted!

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