#1 Rule to Obey For A Post Workout Meal

45 Minute Window of Fitness Success

I bet you did not know about the secret “45 Minute Window” that is available to those who are in need of nutrients and a good meal after a workout…..did you?  Believe it or not, your post workout meal is one of the most important meals of the day when it comes to losing fat and getting a lean physique of course if you know 1 little known secret.

Knowing what foods and supplements to consume after a workout can be challenging as there are so many variables and things to take into consideration.  There is a ton of information about post workout foods, shakes, supplements and what kinds of carbs to consume that it can be confusing.

However, today I will make all of this information as clear as day to you by giving you the facts, basics and secrets that you need to know to make the most of your post workout meals!

Introducing The 45 Minute Window For Post Workout Meal Success

The 45-minute window is the time frame your body has after a workout where it has plenty of potential to trigger new growth and maximize your fat loss ability because your insulin is sensitive at this time. Your muscles will absorb plenty of nutrients for those 45 minutes and this is when you have total control to maximize your full potential.

A Great Post Workout Supplement

So what you should do immediately after a workout is to get a great post workout meal in such as Prolab’s Lean Mass Complex which gives you 40 grams of protein, 40 grams of carbs, and 390 calories. You can also use any other meal replacement protein powder like Labrada’s Lean Body Breakfast. Another way to eat your protein by consuming a chicken breast (4 oz. for women and 8 oz. for men) with complex carbs (40-50 grams for men and 20-30 grams for women).

However, getting some simple carbs also mixed in with the complex ones is optimal as your insulin is very sensitive after a workout and your muscles need the extra carbs. Also what many people may not know about is chromium picolinate (a great post workout supplement). This is a mineral in the body which helps to increase insulin sensitivity. Remember that if your cells have a high insulin sensitivity, then this hormone is better able to take the food that you have eaten and turn it into muscle and energy instead of storing it as fat. By doing all of these things after a workout, I assure you that you will get better results along with a good training program and diet.

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