Is it ok to take Creatine caps while taking a weight gainer?

Creatine Caps and Building Muscle

Absolutely!  There is not a problem for those who are trying to gain weight to take creatine caps along with their weight gaining shakes.  As a matter of fact, this combo is a phenomenal stack as long as you follow a few guidelines.

Creatine is produced naturally in the body and has been proven to help increase strength levels.  I remember the first time I took creatine I gained 5 pounds and went up 15 pounds on my bench press back at the age of 16.  I thought that this stack was the best thing since oxygen!

Weight Gains Help You Build MuscleIt was not until college that I was having trouble gaining weight that I used creatine and a weight gainer to break the plateau.  Sure enough, with a good training regimen, diet, and a creatine/weight gainer stack that I was able to gain 7 pounds of muscle and not gain inches around my waist.  However, I suggest using a few prescribed guidelines if you do decide to use this muscle building stack.

The two guidelines to using this stack would be as follows:

1) Drink a minimum of 8 cups (64 ounces) of water daily to help your body process the creatine efficiently.

2) Make sure you use a weight gainer that is low in sugar as anything that is high in sugar can cause you to gain weight around your waist.

Other than that, remember to follow a good diet and training routine and you should be well on your way to gaining the muscle you have been wanting!

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