Is Fish Oil A Dietary Supplement?

Benefits of Fish Oils

Question: Does the fish oil pill help you lose weight?  Is it a dietary supplement?  So what does it do exactly?

Answer: Fish oils are considered to be a dietary supplement and they can help you lose weight.  As a matter of fact, it is on my top 5 list of fat burning foods!

These oils contain omega-3 fatty acids which help to speed up your metabolism.  They also help to reduce body fat, reduce soreness after workouts and act as an anti-catabolic agent that allows your body to maintain its strength levels while losing body fat.  In addition, these oils have a lowering effect on cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  They even give your body a good source of natural energy.

2-3 Tablespoons a day for men and 1-1.5 tablespoons for women suffice to get the great benefits that these oils have to offer.  I like to take 1 Tablespoon in the morning and 1 Tablespoon at night.  You can even be creative and mix it with your protein shake.

The brands that I like are Spectrum’s Flax Seed Oil and Carlson’s Lemon Flavored Flax Seed Oil.

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