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Back, Chest and Core Push-Pulls…DEEP abdominal training

This is one of my very favorite “secret weapon” total-torso training exercises. It covers pretty much every major part in your upper body in just one movement (or should I say TWO movements in one!).

It’s a relatively simple-looking concept on the surface…you’ll be doing a single-arm dumbell bench press while at the same time doing a single arm cable pulldown/row.

As you’re pushing the dumbell UP, you’re pulling the cable DOWN.

So you’re hitting the two biggest parts of the upper body in one shot there (including biceps on the pull and triceps on the press, along with aspects of the shoulders on both).

What you might not see at first glance is the INCREDIBLE core cross-tension you’ll get when you execute a push and a pull. You see, in order to stabilize the core while doing two opposing movements, your deep core muscles (obliques and transverus) will be pushed to the limit.

This is honestly one of THE best core exercises I’ve ever come up with, never mind all the other upper body stuff going on. It’s going to develop incredible core strength without any hint of a crunch or sit-up.

I can promise you, if you’ve never done heavy cross-core tension training before, your deep abdominal muscles will be feeling it for DAYS. So start with more moderate weights than I’m using in the demo here and work up to it.

Just fyi, this is an exercise that can also be found in my book “The Best Abdominal Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of”, if you’re interested in more like this.

Here’s how to do it…

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Secret Training Tip #887 – Cable Gripping Trunk Twists For a TIGHT, Powerful, Rock-Solid Core

When most people think ab training, they don’t think explosive rotational movements…they think crunches or sit-ups.. But YOU’RE not most people, are you!

Because you know (or at least you will in a second!) that powerful, rotational movements against resistance are the REAL key to developing a tight, strong core that not only looks great but gives you serious improvements in functional strength.

And I’m not talking “functional” like standing on a Bosu ball on one leg catching bean bags “functional.” I’m talking throw harder, run faster, jump higher NOW type of “functional.” Basically, the kind of functional you actually WANT.

That’s where the Cable Gripping Trunk Twist exercise comes in…

This is not your standard twisting exercise where you use little light weights or even no weight at all. You are going working against resistance and eventually working your way up to substantial resistance.


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Best Way to Lose Weight: 5 Secrets to Weight Loss

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There has been much debate as to what the best ways are to lose weight. Nutrition and diet specialists always tend to place their main emphasis on counting calories, or certain foods, or “magic” nutrients that claim to help you lose weight.

In reality, the key to losing weight is to use a holistic approach that emphasizes the proper diet, the right amount of exercise and rest.

With that being said, here are my top 5 secrets that will help you to lose weight fast:

Cortisol - The Reason You Are Overweight!

1. Control Your Cortisol Levels

If there is one thing I would like for my readers to understand about weight loss, then it would have to be the effect that cortisol has on fat loss and muscle. The reason I feel that this is the #1 weight loss secret is because this is a subject that is seldom discussed.

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Do Abs Exercises Burn Fat?

Question: I heard that abs exercises build muscles under your belly fat, but doesn’t burn it.  Is that true?

Answer: This is correct!  Abs exercises can help to shape up your abdominal section but they do not burn the fat off.  The reason for this is because you must follow a good diet and create a slight caloric deficit which will enable your body to burn more calories than it consumes.

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7 Minute Abdominal Workout Routine?

7 Minute Abdominal Routine: 6 Pack Abs SecretsIt is not a secret that having a six pack for guys and a flat stomach for women is desired by everybody!  Being able to go to the beach and have people stare at you because of your physique makes all of your workout efforts worth it.

However, what if I told you that there was an easy way to get a six pack and a flat stomach by only working out your abs for 7 minutes a day.  Would that sound exciting to you?

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