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Diet Plans and Free Body Fat % Analysis???

As a result of all the scams going around the internet, I decided to create a customized nutrition intake program for each and everybody to enjoy for FREE. In addition, I am also giving you a free body fat % analysis, so if you have ever wondered how much body fat you are carrying, here is your opportunity to find out.

All you have to do is follow this link and you will be on your way to a free diet plan and body fat % analysis. The diet plan is customized to suit the needs of every dieter, regardless of their age or gender and is based on your individual lean body mass (which is your weight not counting the fat weight you carry).

This diet plan will give you a breakdown of the 3 macronutrients and tell you the amounts of each you need in order to achieve your weight loss goals! The reason I created this diet system was to help those who unfortunately have yet to come to the understanding of how many macronutrients are needed to lose weight. This will give you an accurate idea of what you need to consume split over 6 meals on a daily basis.

People get so caught up and love to follow the latest and greatest fad diet that they neglect the basics. You see, most of the diet programs out there give you a false sense of hope and love to charge you an arm and a leg for them.

So I will give you a free diet plan for you to try out and I guarantee that if you follow it, you will get results. I want you to get an idea of what is really needed to lose that unwanted belly fat once and for all!

For a limited time, I am not only offering this diet program, but also my Fat Loss E-Book called “The 10 Biggest Fat Loss Lies That The Weight Loss Industry Has Kept From You” which debunks several diet myths out there. Trust me, these are myths that the weight loss industry does not want you to know about!

As if that would not be enough, I am also sending you the Fat Extinction Primer System which is a special program designed to create the metabolic momentum you need in order to lose weight at the fastest rate possible. All of this is valued well over $250 but I am giving it to you FREE of CHARGE because I recognize that times are hard and also I want you to have access to all of this valuable information, which in my opinion, should be free for EVERYBODY!

Stop getting scammed by the weight loss industry and the rest of the establishment. Make sure that you take advantage and get all of this information today free of charge! All you have to do is enter your name and email address at the box above so that I can send it to you.


Jumping Rope For Fat Loss?

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Because so many people feel that cardio is boring, I decided to give my readers a bonus, sharing some of my secret ways to make cardio fun and exciting! As a result, I have given 6 unique ways to perform cardio that you may have not realized!!

Jumping Rope For Fat Loss: It Can Help You Lose Weight

Cardio Exercise #1: Jumping Rope

Though for some odd reason hardly anybody uses a jump rope for aerobic exercises, I feel that jumping rope is a great way to getting a great cardiovascular exercise workout while enjoying it. In addition, jumping rope can not only help with cardiovascular health, but it also helps to improve coordination and agility.

If this exercise is performed frequently, it can also help with muscular endurance. Besides, how many times have you not gone to the gym or performed a morning walk due to bad weather conditions that cannot be controlled? Jumping rope could have been a great alternative in this scenario.

Six Great Reasons to Use a Jump Rope as a Means of Cardiovascular Exercise

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My Walking The Plank Workout

As of late I have been as unconventional as it gets!  When it comes to time in the gym, I have been super busy and limited with regards to my workouts.  With a full time schedule I still have managed to get in some of the best bodybuilding workouts of my life.  You may wonder how in the world you can have some of the best bodybuilding workouts with hardly any time.

The other day I was pretty cooked after a long days work, however I did not finish my day because I did not get my training in.  So as I result I decided to go to the gym to train my back and abs. After taking my magic potion of Super Charge Extreme and grabbing a bottle of water, I hopped in my car and was off to the gym. I was there for a mere 45 minutes and completely flourished with regards to my workouts.

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Fat Loss Exercises On Trial

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Abdominal Crunches

Yes, the time has arrived to get the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth about fat loss exercises.  Now for those of you who are sensitive and cannot handle the truth, I suggest you exit away from this page.

The question that has been in the back of many of your minds for years will finally be answered.  This question is “do fat loss exercises work?”

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Weight Training Routines: What Determines If You Are Following A Good Weight Training Routine and Why Is One Needed for Weight Loss?

Weight Training Helps You Stay In Shape

A weight training program is an excellent way to lose fat and build muscle.  What many people do not know is the simple fact of research proving that following a weight training program can increase your metabolism permanently and help you BURN FAT 3 TIMES FASTER than without weight training!

If you do not know the reason why it activates your metabolism and body’s ability to burn fat this fast, then you need to sign up to my newsletter to get a tell all free report of how such an amazing thing is possible!

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Ab Machines: Do They Work?

Ab machines! Learn the shocking truth as to whether ab machines work or not!


How to Get Six Pack Abs: Using Bicycle Crunches for Nice Abs

Learn the #1 rule you must obey to lose ugly belly fat and get 6 pack abs