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Cell Tech by Muscle Tech: Is This Supplement Worth It?

Bottom Line:

This product is great for increasing muscle mass and putting on quality size.  It can be used before and after a workout.  It has been around for years and continues to be one of the best selling products that Muscle Tech has to over.


  • Contains 5 grams of creatine monohydrate per scoop.
  • Does not contain any fat.
  • Contains chromium picolinate to support glucose levels.
  • Contains alpha Lipoic Acid to help cells from oxidative damage.
  • Contains Taurine.


  • Has around 38 grams of carbohydrates per scoop.
  • Contains 150 calories per scoop
  • Can be expensive.

Creatine without a doubt has been the best supplement that has worked for me.  Cell Tech is my preference for many reasons.  First of all, many people often are driven away from this product for the simple fact that it is loaded with 75 grams of carbohydrates and sugars per serving.  What many people do not realize is that sugar is needed to transport the creatine into the body and the carbs will help for a post work out recovery. Also it has chromium picolinate which helps support glucose levels, alpha lipoic acid which helps the cells from oxidative damage and taurine which is good for recovery.  I have seen great gains from this product and will continue to use it as a post work out creatine supplement when I am attempting to put on muscle.  One thing that is important to share with you is that I only do one scoop after a work out to get the benefits from all of the post work out supplements that I mentioned above.  The label will tell you to take a scoop before and after a workout.


Product Review: Muscle Milk n’ Oats

As many people already know, Cytosport has created a great tasting protein called muscle milk.  Muscle Milk is one of the best selling proteins on the market and Cytosport has created a new product that is unique from the rest of the supplements on the market today.  This product is Muscle Milk n’ Oats.  This supplement is basically a small cup of oatmeal that can be heated in a minute with some water.  I like to refer to this product as oatmeal on juice.

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NO X Plode: Does This Supplement Help Build Muscle and Burn Fat?

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One of the most popular pre-workout supplements known to the bodybuilding industry still to this day is NO Xplode.  NO Xplode was one of the first pre-workout energy drinks that included everything needed to get a good pump in while weight lifting.  If taken properly, it will allow you to train harder and with more intensity.

What makes this product so effective is it has a great blend of just the right ingredients to help you get a better workout.  Instead of sticking with a high dosage of just creatine with some caffeine, NO Xplode gives you an L-arginine (Alpha Keto Glutarate) to allow your body to get better pumps in the gym.  Now, I do not know too many bodybuilders that are not seeking a good pump in the gym.

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Universal Animal Pak by Universal Nutrition

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Universal Animal Pak Supplement Review

This Vitamin/Mineral Pak has been around for years and continues to be the best product that Universal Nutrition has put out.  It gives bodybuilders a variety of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that is needed for bodybuilders to grow.  If you are looking to move away from your normal daily multi vitamins and try a new one specifically geared towards bodybuilders, than this product is what you are looking for.

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