Anthony Alayon’s Bio

Anthony Alayon's Bio PicMy name is Anthony Alayon and I am the creator of The Fat Extinction Program. The reason I decided to create this program was because I am sick and tired of all the myths and lies regarding weight loss.

I remember spending thousands of dollars on supposed weight loss miracle pills and exercise machines expecting to get results. Instead, I only came home with an empty wallet and the same old me with 0.0% weight loss results!

After seeing my friends, family and loved ones make the same mistakes I did by spending their hard earned money on weight loss pills and exercise machines only to get the same results as I did, I knew something had to change. So I decided to devote years of my life staying up to date with fitness information and even became a certified fitness trainer. I essentially immersed myself in the weight loss culture as I wanted to learn the truth to safe and effective weight loss!

After years of trial and error, I finally was able to conquer what I once thought was impossible and achieve instant and permanent weight loss!! After sharing my secrets with friends and family, I saw how the secret formula never failed as everybody got the results they wanted!

Now I would like to share my weight loss secrets with the world as I know there is not a better feeling than being able to fit into that dress size or get the beach body you always have wanted. This is why I even give away FREE INFORMATION so that you can get a glimpse of what The Fat Extinction Program is all about!

Make sure to get your free copy of The 10 Biggest Fat Loss Lies & Body Fat Analysis by filling out your first name and email at the top of the page. As a thank you for stopping by, I will even give you weekly updates by email sharing some fat loss and fitness tips that can help you achieve your goals!